Core Automotive

Modular vehicles through a subscription platform that flips the way we think about transportation.



Core is an autonomous vehicle platform with a fully customizable modular system. A tier based subscription allows users to pay for each ride, rent Cores and Modules within their tier level, or purchase their dream vehicle. This project was my college senior thesis. I wanted to think outside the box and build the dream vehicle from my childhood. I knew I couldn't fully design a vehicle over the course of two semesters, especially without the prior knowledge of automotive design. But I wanted to push my knowledge of 3D modeling, product design, motion graphics, video editing, branding and CMF into one exploration. The result was not a complete platform or vehicle, but rather a challenge for me to think different resulting in the beginning stages of a modular vehicle platform flipping the way we think about using transportation and allowing everyone the ability to cater to their own dream vehicle.