The Fastest Fastball

An Infographic about the fastest pitchers in baseball from the 1800's to the present.




December 2016

Baseball is defined by its rich history and tradition. One of the most debated subjects is who could be the fastest pitcher. This info graphic collects the data from 40 of the best and/or fastest pitchers to ever live. It breaks down each of the methods used over the years to record the fastest pitchers of their time. At the bottom of the graphic we are able to view the speed of each pitcher after adjusting to today's current recording method.

A wheel underneath allows readers to view most of the major pitching statistics for every player by spinning it to align with the upper graphic.

Player stats have been accumulating for over 150 years. It is difficult to understand and consume them all to say the least. The stats below were collected and used for the wheel layer or for player ranking.